Rainbow Blur Effect Using Photoshop (Tutorial)

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Here is a very simple tutorial for making a really cool rainbow blur effect, using Photoshop.  This can be used as a wallpaper, and as you can see, its also decorated my blog header too!

My PSD source files are available below, if interested.  Or click-on to follow my tutorial.

[rainbowblur_watashii.zip]  1.6M
[rainbowblur.png]  411kb  (1900×1200)

Step 1

Create a new document 1900×1200, or any size of your choice.

Step 2

Create a new layer.  Double click on the layer to open the Layer Style options.  Enable the Gradient Overlay, and select a radial gradient from dark blue (#12112C) to black as shown below.

Step 3

Create a second new layer, and make sure it’s non-transparent, white or black is fine.  We set our foreground and background to black and grey (#777777).  Then goto [Filters > Render > Fibres...].  You may play around with the numbers to define the hardness, here I used Variance 20 and Strength 10.

Step 4

Now we apply a motion blur on our texture. Goto [Filters > Blur > Motion Blur...], and apply a distance of 500 pixels. You may like to tweak this value to get the right effect.

Step 5

Double click on the blurred layer to open the Layer Style options.  Enable the Gradient Overlay, and select/create a linear gradient using the rainbow colours.  Make sure the Blend Mode is Overlay, and the angle should be at 0 degrees.

Step 6

Lastly, using the Lasso tool with a feather of 100px to create a random mask.  Goto [Layer > Add Layer Mask > Reveal Selection] to apply the masking effect.


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  1. Lara@ Says:
    January 11th, 2011 at 4:17 pm

    Wow amazing post! Fantastic tutorial man. It�s ridiculous just how many exceptional tutorials you guys publish. Love your site. Many thanks!

  2. billal Says:
    October 14th, 2012 at 6:57 am

    Very nice and easy to follow tutorial. thnks for sharing

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